I’m almost always working on a few projects on the side, mostly to scratch an itch, or learn something new – usually both. Lately I’ve become increasingly fond of functional programming, and thus like to play around with Haskell, Purescript (my favorite language to play with at the moment), and ZIO (quickly becoming the best functional library for Scala, IMO).

Most of my projects and interests these days tend to be in the blockchain / crypto spaces, or the privacy / digital-self-sovereignty spaces. Functional, typesafe programming is incredibly useful in both of these, as they make code easier to reason about and formally prove things about. Correctness and ability to formulate mathematical proofs around key pieces of code are crucial for trusting the code your machines are running. With decentralized, “trustless” networks, and in privacy-centric software, the correctness and verifiability of the code and smart contracts is crucial.

I’m also very interested in Rust, as I believe it is one of the most novel languages to come around in a long time, and offers very interesting guarantees around memory safety without needing garbage collection. This also makes Rust an incredibly useful tool for low-level applications that need to be very performant. The typesystem in Rust is also sufficiently advanced enough to give quite good typesafety around your programs behavior when leverage correctly. I’m excited to see Rust becoming one of the de-facto standard tools for many blockchain projects.

If you have ideas for fun or interesting projects, or tools you’d like to see, I’m always interested in new ideas and new projects, so let me know.

Current Projects

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