Us and Them

The recent news around Hilary Clinton and her lack of prosecution for clearly violating many laws (even in the opinion of would-be prosecutors) just perpetuates the growing global sentiment of “Us” vs “Them”. This is a growing divide, and more people are becoming disgruntled, disenfranchised, and disconnected from the system every day.

There’s a political class that is clearly treated differently, and beholden to a different set of rules, and people the world over are getting fed up with it. The people of the United Kingdom were fed up with the far off “them” in the EU, and the people in France, Italy, Spain, and Greece are pretty fed up too.

Where will this lead? Ultimately it’ll land us in a better place. People will demand more fairness, and a closing of the gap between “Us” and “Them”, but it may get pretty nasty in the interim.